Training material

As part of the PPI4waste project, a series of national training workshops are organised to help building capacity in public procurement of innovation and show how this can be applied within the municipal waste sector.

The trainings sessions are being held in January 2017 in Croatia, Germany, Spain and Sweden.

MODULE 1 – Brief Introduction to the PPI4waste project

This brief presentation aims to provide an introduction to all training participants to the main aims and focus areas of the PPI4waste project and the possible cooperation activities.

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MODULE 2 – The need to innovate in municipal waste management

Among others this module seeks to:

  • Provide an overview of the status quo regarding municipal waste management in Europe and in the different member countries;
  • Remind waste management experts and public procurers about the goals set in the waste directives and the path towards achieving them;
  • Deliver insights and a summary of potential actions in three fields identified as main priorities: Bio-waste management, Plastics separation and recycling and Bulky waste management.

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MODULE 3 – An introduction to Public Procurement of Innovation

The main aim of this third module is to provide an introduction to the main aspects of Public Procurement of Innovation (PPI) and seeks to provide an answer to the following points:

  • What is PPI?
  • Why is there a need to innovate? – This will be related to the second module, about the need to innovate in municipal waste management to achieve expected recycling and waste reduction targets.
  • How can a procurement team develop a PPI strategy?
  • Which tools are available?
  • Guiding principles for PPI implementation

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MODULE 4 – Key features for successful innovation procurement

The fourth module of the training material seeks to dive deeper into the main factors necessary for a successful innovation procurement and present the main tools available to achieving this and the way to use them.

The module defines these aspects based on the Forward Commitment Procurement method, which considers 4 main aspects:

  • Understanding the suppliers perspective
  • Accurately defining the unmet need
  • Effectively engaging the market
  • Defining a pro-innovation procurement approach

This module is the most exhaustive of the capacity building material and presents several practical tools and approaches for procurers to really identify all barriers and solutions when conducting innovation procurement procedures.

At the end of the module, a case example based on a successful PPI process has been included, where the tools mentioned throughout the presentation were implemented.

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MODULE 5 – Innovative approaches to procurement in waste management

After presenting in detail available PPI tools and innovative approaches to public procurement, a collection of innovative case studies and examples from the waste sector has been included, such as:

  • Best practice: An innovative solution for waste collection in Ireland
  • Best practice: Zero waste Prison Mattress
  • Innovative procurement approach – Insights to waste performance contracts

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MODULE 6 – Useful resources and approaches to PPI in waste management

This module offers a collection of relevant information, resources and links to interesting initiatives.

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