Aims and objectives

PPI4Waste aimed to support resource efficiency, sustainable waste management and sustainable consumption throughout Europe by increasing innovative public procurement through networking, capacity building, and dissemination.

In particular, the project aimed to develop know-how on PPI procedures and make state-of-the-art solutions accessible to other procurers. In turn, this can encourage a quicker market uptake of such solutions and improve the quality and efficiency of services provided by public authorities.

To achieve this, the project:

  • Identified common needs within the public sector in Europe;
  • Created an Interest Group and a Purchasing Community to exchange and collaborate on the topic of PPI4Waste;
  • Implemented capacity-building workshops for public procurement of innovation;
  • Promoted dynamic coordinated procurement of eco-innovative solutions in the field of resource efficiency and waste prevention, reuse and recycling;
  • Promoted collaboration between the public and private sectors.