Achieved results

Overcoming barriers to public procurement of innovation

After over 3 years of activity, the PPI4Waste project successfully created a critical mass of public authorities interested in purchasing eco-innovative waste solutions. It also explored the potential of new markets in the area of resource efficiency in the short and medium term and contributed to public sector innovation by mobilising both SMEs and public authorities around this key topic .

To reach these results, several events took place to inform about ppi in the waste sector, inspire and support future procurers but also to improve the knowledge regarding PPI. These include:

To share the outcomes of the work undertaken by the project partners, several reports have also been published on key areas of innovative waste management, at each stage of the project.

Some lessons learnt

The project highlighted that joint or coordinated procurement in the waste sector is common practice in many Member States but limited to cooperation at national level.

Procurement is a strategic instrument and therefore the focus should be more on decision makers and less on procurers. This would include a switch from prescriptive procurement, where specific equipment or specific services are tendered, to objective oriented or performance oriented procurement.