Zagreb City Holding


The city of Zagreb is represented in the project PPI4Waste by the “City of Zagreb Holding, Waste management division – Čistoća”, which is owned 100% by the City. Zagreb is the capital of Croatia with approximately 800,000 inhabitants and a surface area of 640 km². Currently, the main portion of municipal solid waste (MSW) is disposed at the landfill site Jakuševec. In the last couple of years systematic actions have been undertaken to increase the quantity of separately collected waste.

Čistoća performs following activities:

  • implementation and development of integrated waste management system in the City of Zagreb,
  • separate collection of reusable waste in public traffic areas and recycling yards,
  • collection of municipal waste from households and other beneficiaries,
  • cleaning and washing of public traffic areas setting up and maintenance of waste bins and urban equipment in pedestrian zones,
  • ice and snow removal from public areas,
  • constant informing and communication with the public

The company’s mission is to integrate waste management in the City of Zagreb in accordance with environmental protection and sustainable development principles and legislation including permanent increase of service quality and orientation on decrease of business expenses striving to find best possible solutions to increase energy efficiency.

Development plans of the Čistoća branch

  1. Improvement of the existing waste management system in the City of Zagreb in accordance with the law regulations and objectives, including construction of required recycling yards;
  2. Planning, organization and setting up Waste Management Centre of the City of Zagreb;
  3. Enforcement of permanent communication, education and cooperation with all social groups.

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