Feedback and opportunities for public procurement of innovation in the waste sector

Innovation is a key driver for the improvement of resource efficiency for cities and regions. To foster innovation and leverage the market public authorities have one powerful tool: public procurement of innovation.

After almost 3 years of work, the PPI4Waste project shared the main findings of all the research and activities implemented during the project’s lifetime to help increase the uptake of innovative waste solutions.

Entitled “Feedback and opportunities for public procurement of innovation in the waste sector”, PPI4Waste project’s final conference took place on 12 September 2017 in Brussels (Belgium).

This one day event was divided into two sessions. The first one presented the main findings of the PPI4Waste project and how public procurement of innovation (PPI) can be experimented and stimulated in the field of waste management. It was followed by a session exploring synergies between procurers and projects on innovative solutions.


Welcome words and introductive session

Circular economy under the Estonian Presidency (Mihkel KRUSBERG | Senior Officer, Environmental Management Department – Ministry of the Environment of Estonia)

Contribution of European research projects to a circular economy (Sotirios KANELLOPOULOS | Project Adviser H2020 Eco-innovation, EASME)

Exploring and testing PPI in the waste sector

PPI in the waste sector: challenges and support at EU level (Thomas SPOORMANS | Team Leader, DG Growth – European Commission)

The PPI4Waste project in a nutshell (Philippe MICHEAUX NAUDET | Senior Project Manager, ACR+)

Public authorities’ needs as the starting point for PPI in waste management (Fredric NOREFJÄLL| Project Manager, RISE – The Swedish Research Institute)

Reducing the risks and modelling PPI contract (Carmen DE GUERRERO | Professor, UNIZAR)

Stimulating the PPI4Waste Interest group & Purchasing community (Michael RAFFERTY | Officer, Sustainable Economy and Procurement – ICLEI)

Innovating in waste management and experimenting PPI (panel session)

Building a more coordinated approach for PPI in the waste sector

What roadmap for joint or coordinated PPI in waste management? (Cuno VAN GEET| Senior Advisor Resource Efficiency, Rijkswaterstaat)

Building on upcoming solutions to foster PPI (pitching session)