What was the Purchasing Community?

The Purchasing Community is a sub-group of the PPI4Waste Interest Group consisting solely of public procurers who are interested and actively involved in the procurement of waste management solutions in the public sector. Purchasing Community members are public authorities who are in involved in the preparation of real life waste management tenders, within the time frame of the PPI4WASTE project.

Members of the Purchasing Community have the possibility to continue exchanging and sharing their expertise on the Procurement Forum.

What did the Purchasing Community do?

Members of the Purchasing Community worked together during the life time of the PPI4Waste project and beyond to:

  • Investigate the possibilities of creating dynamic, forward thinking, coordinated procurement initiatives and in doing so, enhance European cross-border coordination.
  • Strengthen Community members’ knowledge of close-to-the-market innovative solutions and inform the market of upcoming procurement needs. Doing so will bring the Community members closer to innovative solutions and will help contribute to the creation of new markets in resource efficiency.
  • Overcome the fragmentation of demand by reinforcing early deployment for the uptake of innovative solutions and deploying PPI for waste on a larger scale.
  • Carry out capacity building activities, i.e. trainings.

What were the benefits of joining the Purchasing Community?

Public procurers who join the Community had the opportunity to:

  • Learn, connect and exchange with other public procurers who are actively procuring or interested in procuring innovative waste management solutions, via the Innovative Waste Management Solutions – Purchasing Community on the Procurement Forum, a private discussion platform for the Community.
  • Take part in webinars, phone conferences, face-to-face meetings (including trainings and stakeholder workshops) and market engagement activities.
  • Exchange with other public procurers on topics such as; how to carry out PPI for waste management solutions, problems experienced, possible innovative solutions, market engagement, how to address various PPI issues relating to waste, etc.
  • Exchange knowledge and experiences on procurement criteria, how to draft technical specifications for a PPI for a waste management solution tender, etc.
  • Receive the project newsletter and email updates over the course of the project.
  • Explore opportunities to participate directly in preparing coordinated procurement activities.
  • Learn from the PPI for waste management solutions used in other public authorities.