What was the Interest Group?

The PPI4Waste Interest Group is made up of stakeholders involved with or interested in the procurement of innovative waste management solutions. The Group gather different actors interested in the procurement of innovative, waste management solutions including public authority representatives such as: municipal waste management experts, procurers and policy makers, as well as academics, suppliers and other experts in the field.

The Interest Group in practice

The primary aim of the Interest Group is to foster knowledge and, exchange, while driving the uptake of innovative, sustainable and ready-to-use solutions in the waste management sector across Europe. Furthermore, the richness of the quantity of expert knowledge in the PPI4Waste Expert Group harnesses the groups’ potential and increases understanding of potential waste solutions available on the market.

By the end of the PPI4Waste project, the Interest Group already gathered over 160 members, from which 100 joined the Procurement Forum where they have the possibility to continue exchanging and sharing their expertise and can be joined by new members.

  • Webinars

Webinars have been organised for the members of the Interest Group.

  • Procurement Forum

Members of the Interest Group have been invited to join the Innovative Waste Management Solutions and Resource Efficiency Discussion Group on the Procurement Forum, a discussion group connecting stakeholders who are working in or interested in gaining a better understanding of innovation in the waste sector.

Following the end of the project, this group is still active. It has been renamed to “Discussion Group: Waste, Resources and the Circular Economy” and is now open to all.

This group is a platform for discussion for Forum members involved with or interested in the topics of waste management, resource efficiency and the circular economy. While primarily aimed at municipal waste management experts, procurers and policy makers, the group is open to any Forum member with an interest in these topics.

Example of discussion of the Interest Group
Procurement Forum
The role of Public Procurement in making textiles circular

A circular economy in Europe can provide us many extras. An estimated 600 billion euros of economic value, and a crucial contribution to reducing the environmental impact of our production and consumption. Governments can do much to strengthen this movement. For instance through procurement of goods, such as workwear and -textiles.

Rijkswaterstaat, one of the partners in PPI4Waste and one of the partners in the European Clothing Action Plan (ECAP) has examined what it takes to make workwear circular, and what role the government can play in this process. The results of this study are described in the European Workwear Report recently published.

In addition to all kinds of practical recommendations for making the textile sector more circular, the ECAP report also gives examples from Denmark, Poland and the Netherlands. Read and learn what you can do to make your textiles circular!

Published on 24 April 2017 by Fons van de Sande

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